The mission of the Old Hemlock Foundation is to preserve and promote the legacy of George Bird Evans and his wife, Kay Evans.


Funds from the trust that support our foundation go toward the preservation and maintenance of the historic house. Additionally, funds are used for scholarships to WVU Medical School, scholarships to Bruceton Mills area school students, support to the Preston County Humane Society and cultural/literary support for Bruceton School.

In addition to these, the Old Hemlock foundation will work:

  1. To preserve the natural environment by acquiring and maintaining ecologically significant undeveloped land, forests, and other natural areas;
  2. To promote conservation and protection of natural resources;
  3. To preserve the natural ecosystems found on undeveloped land, forests and other natural areas;
  4. To prevent and eliminate damage to the environment;
  5. To preserve and protect from commercial development acquired and maintained undeveloped land, forests, and other natural areas by forming nature and wildlife preserves for scientific and educational purposes;
  6. To help further educate the public by understanding and studying various ecological systems and natural resources through the preservation of the same;
  7. To help support the education of individuals residing in Preston County, West Virginia;
  8. To preserve historically significant structures; and
  9. To do and perform all acts, things and business as may be necessary, incidental to or convenient to the foregoing purposes including the transaction of any or all lawful business.