Breeding Program


In 1998 by George’s request the line was passed to Roger Brown who knew the line of dogs well and had Old Hemlock Setters since 1973.  Roger Brown and Jeff Kauffman continue the line and produce one or two litters a year. Like George and Kay Evans they do not keep a kennel of brood bitches. Rather the dogs are co-owned; something George and Kay did to have control of all breeding of their line of dogs. The setters live with their families as companion gun dogs and see a lot of hunting.  The sires and dams are OFA certified for hips and elbows and proven in the field as hunting dogs.

George Bird Evans with a puppy (1976)

George Bird Evans with a puppy (1976)

All of our Old Hemlock Puppies are placed with Joint Ownership! This practice George and Kay Evans instituted to ensure that the puppy contract was followed. Prior to joint ownership, people violated the contract. We have continued this practice of joint ownerships to ensure the agreements are followed.  This practice makes sure that Old Hemlock Setters bred have passed the proper health tests, and represent the type and style of dogs which we want to produce.

If you are interested in joining the Old Hemlock Family and obtaining one of these setters, you can contact Roger Brown at 740-567-3569 or email at .



Old Hemlock Dawn with pup (December 2016)