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Old Hemlock Foundation is proud to be associated with these other great institutions. To learn more about these organizations, please follow the links below:


Bruceton School 

Bruceton School is a PreK through Eighth Grade local school.   George and Kay established them as one of our charities and annually contribute funds to support art and literacy education.  The Old Hemlock Foundation also supports the annual Academic Fairs of Science and Social Studies.

Currently, we are assisting the school recruit judges for the Science Fair on Monday, December 4 and Tuesday, December 5.    As of 11/14 we have about half of people that we need for Tuesday’s SS Fair.  Please contact me, if you are willing to assist.    The judges will meet at 8:00 am of these dates.  Judging will begin around 8:30 am.   Lunch will be provided.  Students for Science are in grade 5 and 7.  Social Studies projects are by students in grade 4, 6 and 8.   Here is a list of folks who I have commitments to judge.   If I missed your name, please let me know.   Send correspondence to me at      Rules and regulations can be found to review at this web link,






West Virginia University: iServe

Students at West Virginia University are encouraged to perform community service whenever possible. Not only does service enable students to give back to their communities, but it also helps them develop skills and gain valuable experience to use later in life. We have several ongoing projects that we always need help with! Students should use iServe to find our foundation and submit a volunteer request.


 Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia is an organization dedicated to historic preservation in West Virginia. Through advocacy, education, legislation and tremendous volunteer effort, PAWV helps save historic properties throughout the state. Additionally, PAWV partners with AmeriCorps to provide us with a year-round volunteer. Old Hemlock is proud to be an Organizational Preservation Partner, and is committed to help preserve the great heritage of West Virginia.


Our English Setter Rescue

It goes without saying that we love setters here at Old Hemlock! The OESR is dedicated to rescuing English setters across the country and putting them in loving homes. Follow the link to learn more about adoption and fostering, or to make a donation.oesr-logo

Hunting Hills

The Old Hemlock family enjoys Hunting Hills each year during our reunion. Follow the link above for information about the Hunting Hills preserve.




Emergency veterinary care close to Old Hemlock.  There are many excellent veterinarians in our area.