Old Hemlock Setters

Old Hemlock Setters are a line of English Setters developed by George and Kay Evans using a dog obtained from George Ryman, Old Hemlock Blue, and then breeding for the type. The Evanses were looking for a companion gun dog for primarily grouse and woodcock hunting.  Old Hemlock Setters are often referred to as belton setters, but belton is a color: blue belton, orange belton or tri-belton.


George describes the line of dogs: “In our Old Hemlock line we have developed a handsome belton type averaging fifty-five pounds for the males, under fifty for the females, with a deep muzzle, a typical long, fine-boned head. They hunt almost daily through our long grouse seasons in roughest cover, and they are natural gun dogs with nose and style. They are companion gun dogs that hunt to the extent of bell range and have the fire and drive necessary to find birds but hunt for and check in with the gunner.”


12/2016  Old Hemlock puppy:  Sire October John and Dam Miss Kathryn “Katie”